Who We Are

GRC Universal Decoration is committed to providing clients with professional manufacturing services that exceed expectations and product requirements. To achieve that, we have implemented Lean manufacturing principles to innovate and streamline the development of premium-quality products in the most times and cost-effective means possible. Our customers choose us for our proven ability to deliver products to exact specifications and on schedule.

We design and manufacture customized technical solutions with a vision to enhance and improve our client’s productivity and service levels. As the requirement and optimal solution for every client and project vary, we firmly believe it is important to analyze all parameters and scope of requirements with the client in detail and arrive at the best possible solution prior to execution.



Vision to classify the standards of “Customer Service” by exceeding customer’s expectations. Being admired for business values and ethics. Keeping our name synonymous with reliability, customer satisfaction, and innovation bringing inspiration for companies who wish to reach their dreams.


1. Transparency and Integrity: We are committed and we pledge to work honestly and transparently to achieve the very customers.
2. Effective communication: we are committed to interacting through various channels of communication with all groups concerned customers, partners, suppliers, local and international community.



It is our goal to continuously learn and build new knowledge and skills to meet the growing and diverse needs of customers. To achieve profitable growth on both operational and organizational excellence.

Manager's Message

We, at GRC Universal will Continue to Empower an organization of exceptional individuals to identify and capture Trading opportunities in the Global Markets by powering and integrating technology, risk management, and quantitative research thru identifying and fulfilling the Customers needs at the utmost level by providing them Good service, Competitive Prices and On-Time Deliveries. And to Ensure that we are offering Effective and Proactive Customer Service.

Executive Manager


Director General's Message

"I believe PROFESSIONALISM, A POSITIVE MIND, and A STRONG WILL is our Main Key to Success! It is our COMMITMENT to CREATE, PRODUCE and PROMOTE a Product with GOOD Quality and GOOD Service. And, it is Our GOAL to create a long-lasting relationship with the Client."

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